Results 2020:





Riding Club Horse of the Year:
Bright One V.H. Dijkeinde

Recognition Trophy for best helper:
Steph Richardson

Best Team Member:
Melissa Howett on Alwyn Prestrumly

Anderson Trophy (Most Improved): Sarah Kowalik

Dressage Accumulator 2020:
Amanda Taplin

 Darren Doyle Farrier PYO kindly sponsored by Darren Doyle
       Champion                 -    Claire Shoesmith on Bright One V.H. Dijkeinde
       Reserve Champion  -    Amanda Taplin on Blue Gem
       3rd place                   -     Katie Hines on Gandhi's Bria

INTRO also kindly sponsored by Darren Doyle          
        Champion                 -     Sarah Kowlik on Murray
        Reserve Champion  -     Steph Richardson on Elsa
        3rd place                   -      Susana Senra on Then N Now

March Dressage Results

Caption Competition: Winner - Steph Richardson

On-line May Dressage Competition Results

Funniest Horse Photo competition: Winner - Jo Watson with a photo of Rosie and Daisy

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Champion - Suzanne Croxford on Croft Vigo
Reserve Champion - Alison Faulkner on Floreat Angelina
3rd - Amanda Taplin on Blue Gem
4th - Cara Rogers on Langaller Poldark
The sponsors of the Mal-Don Championship have decided awards will go to fourth place this year.

Caption competition winner:

Mr Tiddles had a sink-in feeling that the 'spa experience' his owner had promised him for that hair ball in the slipper incident was in fact, a lie.

Funniest Photo winner

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Riding Club Horse of the Year: Grand Venetian
Recognition Trophy: Annie Blignaut
Best Team Member: Ursula Treadgold
Anderson Trophy (Most Improved): Amanda Taplin

Dressage Accumulator 2019: Clare Griffin & Rosie
Show Jumping Accumulator 2019: Carol Doggett & Clonberne Joe