Sunday 12 September 2021

For those of you of a certain age you may remember the Riding Club Rallies that were run some years ago. We have decided to resurrect this and hope you will turn up and give it a go. Linda Christmas (Alexander) has kindly agreed to let us hold it at Clappers Farm, Silchester. The format is 45 minutes dressage in the arena in a group of 3, or at the most 4, with Lorna Fraser, followed by a short break, change of tack etc, and show jumping on grass with Linda, again for around 45 minutes. The jumps will be adapted to suit age and experience! We would begin at 10am.When we have all finished it would be fun to have a picnic and compare experiences!!! The cost would be £20 but it is open to day members for £25. It is great fun and hopefully will be a confidence building exercise.

Sunday 5th September 2021: 10am-11am (smaller jumps) and 11am - 12 noon (larger jumps): 2 Show jumping clinics at April Farm, Common Road, Thatcham, RG19 8AW with Lorna Fraser. Lorna will adjust heights of jumps and exercises to suit. The maximum number would be 4 in the group. The price is £20 per person for members and £25 for non-members..Payment in advance is required. Please let Carol Doggett know at asap if you would like to take part.

Sunday 4th July 2021 - A report by Carol Doggett

We all had a great time at the Clinic on 4 July luckily avoiding the showers.

The first group were jumping small fences and the second group 70-90cm. We started with just trotting over poles on the ground on a circle. Once we were all confident with that, we progressed to the next pace! Both sessions focused on riding a good, energetic canter and a straight approach to the fence so the horse knew what was being asked. To begin there were a couple of handbrake turns in order to get straight but everyone then got the hang of it and became very proficient. One of the group had a very young horse, out for the first time. All went well and it was a good exercise for her. Also bravo to the rest of the group who were mindful of the youngster and managed to set a good example in behaviour and manners (from both horse and rider)!

As you can see we were all smiles at the end and no sand on anyone’s clothing!

I have arranged another clinic on Sunday 1st August so please contact me if anyone wants to join us. £20 members, £25 day members

Friday 4th June 2021: Matt Hicks clinic at 3:30pm at Hurstbourne EC near Whitchurch - a shared lesson for a cost of £35.


On Sunday 18th October we ran a XC schooling session at Bucklebury Equestrian with Lorna Fraser.

Tracey Culley with Puzzle, Cara Rogers and Poldark, Alannah Dunstan on Carol Doggett’s Stilton and Steph with her new horse Elsa enjoyed perfect ground with thankfully no rain. Social distancing was observed with all riders working independently and given that there wasn’t a single fall meant it was a super safe day!

Lorna worked with each rider individually as the group moved round the course tackling the different questions the variety of fences raised. Fences such as the pencil, spider, water, ditch, sunken road and tractor were all incorporated into the session with every rider having Lorna’s help on how best to ride each fence.

Tracey thought initially that her and Puzzle would stick to some of the more modest fences but with Lorna’s guidance they jumped fences that she never thought she would do and they had an amazing time.

Cara and Poldark really enjoyed tackling the various fences and the session provided the confidence boost for them both that Cara was hoping to achieve.

Carol’s Stilton flew over all the fences and looked to be having the best time. Nothing seemed to phase him as he took on some of Bucklebury’s more unique fences.

Steph thought Elsa and her might just pop over some small logs but surprised themselves and further cemented their new partnership by jumping a lot more than planned which, thanks to a lead from Tracey and Puzzle, included the ditch.

The session finished with each rider taking it in turns to ride a course and all ended with clear rounds and smiles!

Everyone agreed it was a fabulous session and all were hugely grateful to Lorna Fraser for a really fun and rewarding clinic.

Thanks also to Bucklebury Equestrian for allowing the hire of the venue and to Carol Doggett for arranging it.

A Dressage To Music Demo (How to start your Dressage To Music Journey) was held on Saturday 29th February 2020 at The Croft with Sara Green.

Sara Green is first and foremost a Dressage To Music enthusiast. As a child she had DTM ambitions before it even existed. As well as leaping over show jumping courses made out of garden implements on her imaginary pony, she would also prance around to music coming through the kitchen window!

Some 40 years later, and finally the owner of a non-imaginary equine, Sara made her first DTM routine using vinyl records and a small cassette recorder. These days she uses a computer and, though entirely self-taught, has produced routines at all levels, from Riding Club Prelim right up to International Grand Prix. In the last few years she has put together the music for Alice Oppenheimer and Danni Morgan.

Sara’s aim is to demystify the whole process of getting started with DTM. Whether you want to use a professional to create your routine, or have a go at doing it yourself, she will give you insight into how to chose the right music for you and your horse. Above all, the aim is to show that dancing to music with your horse is great fun and within the capabilities of all.